Ostium Monument

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       The Ostium Monument represents one of the high watermarks of contemporary Zoltavian culture. The monument combines three central elements; a block of pink marble with a horizontal opening (aperture) at its center, a set of ascending and descending bronze staircases, and a large reflective pool above which the monument is suspended.

       The Monument is positioned east to west, with the sun rising on the Zoltavian side. The visitor enters the monument from its western side, ascending the long stairs and eventually up the steps of the marble block itself until reaching and entering the horizontal aperture at its center. From this vantage point the viewer faces a panoramic landscape, depending on the time of day the visitor will either have the sunrise in front or the sunset behind. As the visitor crosses the marble threshold he/she officially enters the land of Zoltavia. This take

s place in the air, above a shallow pool which acts to reflect both the monument and the surrounding landscape.

        The act of ascending the stairs, crossing the waterway beneath and walking through the marble threshold at the top ritualizes the visitors entry into Zoltavia as a form of rebirth into a new homeland.